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comfortably + ecologically + locally = Cottonly

an organic & eco brand for cool kids

Cottonly is a baby and toddler clothing brand from 3 months to 9 years old. It was created by a mother of two boys, with a very clear purpose: to develop a brand based on four fundamentals: design, comfort, organic raw materials and sustainability. Cottonly is a sustainable and 100% Portuguese brand. Its pieces are produced from organic materials, with recycled fibers and through sustainable production processes. We defend and promote the concept of "slow making".



We care about the environment and the future of our planet. And, therefore, sustainability is a structuring pillar of the Cottonly brand. In what concerns to raw materials, we opt to choose knits and fabrics with organic and recycled fibers, and with GOTS and/or OEK-TEX certification. Our raw material is produced in Portugal. Regarding confection, we work with a company, also certified, which adopts recycling and reuse of materials, reduces waste in the entire production process, uses sustainable materials and accessories, is socially responsible and 100% Portuguese.

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